I love what I do!  "I" has now become "we"; working with Emily (both daughter and muse) and being known as Rehabitat-Interiors.  2018 marks my 22nd year as a business owner, our 5th year as Rehabitat., and 35+ years in the industry. Beginning from retail design experience at Ethan Allen, to teaching courses on interior design, to now - where we do all phases of design work - I can't imagine doing anything else.  Visit our website, with great pics of our current and latest projects. 


Design is personal, and we work with our clients to define their "style" and accomplish a functional space with their own personal aesthetic.  The pictures you see here have ultimately pleased them, fulfilled their desires and goals, and continue to enrich their lives with beauty and order. Make sure you see our more current projects here.

Yes!  we do have definite ideas of "do's and don'ts", "rights and wrongs" and a sense of guidance that has developed from many types of experiences.  Why else would one work with a design professional if not to have access to their expertise, knowledge and focus? 

When we work together, you will find that we don't roll our eyes at much - except dysfunctional and mundane ceiling fixtures that builders call lighting. And also maybe torchieres . . .

look forward to meeting you -