open minds

I've been enjoying new projects in the commercial world - as well as my residential ones.  These ventures have not necessarily required, but encouraged, the sleuthing of new resources, new materials, current trends and most importantly, what's next on the horizon.  What have I learned?

Gray is the new beige.  Blue is the new beige.  Color is the new beige.

Organic is not a trend.  Whether you believe in global warming or not, it makes sense to take care of our planet and reuse, reupholster, reinvent ( I believe "repurpose" is the buzzword).

 Unique design takes research and time, contrary to what the tv networks tell us.

 Proper lighting continues to be one of the most imortant elements in a functional room, and perhaps the least addressed.

 Wallpaper is never out.  Color is never out.  Matchy-matchy rooms are.

 An open mind is perhaps the best way to battle the aging process.  A few "nips and tucks" in our home spaces every once in awhile keeps major surgery to a minimum.  

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, the more relaxing and joyful our homes and offices should be, for us and for others that we invite into them.

The more time I spend in NYC, the more I love its energy and endless inspiration.  The more time I spend in NYC, the more I am inspired, current and stagnant-free . . . 


 One of my tried and true  "go-to places" in the city is a local retail homegoods store, aptly named Gracious Home. Its name evokes a charming, ordered interior, reminiscent of southern hospitality made flesh. However, walk through the doors, and three packed-to-the-gills floors await discovery; every nook and cranny calls for closer inspection and fills with delight. Its well-appointed shelves offer the classic to the trendy, necessities to frivolity - all desiring to be taken, to surely render a home "gracious" - all satisfying my need for beauty, inspiration, and choice.

What does render a home "gracious"?? Certainly the refined style of good taste, which is very subjective! But I would suggest that graciousness shows not only politeness, but kindness and affability. Just as gracious people "give" to others, a gracious home "gives", not only to those who live there, but to those who come to visit and spend time. A gracious home "serves" - just like gracious people - because the room, or the home in its entirety, is a result of the fusion of form (beauty) and function.

So, all this is very inspirational. But, I'm practical (mostly); how do we achieve this graciousness? Here lies my purpose - to share humble ideas and suggestions from experiences, current projects, and future discoveries. A gracious person isn't just "born", they are usually "refined" by successes, mistakes, and life itself. A gracious home doesn't just appear - it is a result of the same, refined by the lives who live in it, and always reflecting those who love it.