One of my tried and true  "go-to places" in the city is a local retail homegoods store, aptly named Gracious Home. Its name evokes a charming, ordered interior, reminiscent of southern hospitality made flesh. However, walk through the doors, and three packed-to-the-gills floors await discovery; every nook and cranny calls for closer inspection and fills with delight. Its well-appointed shelves offer the classic to the trendy, necessities to frivolity - all desiring to be taken, to surely render a home "gracious" - all satisfying my need for beauty, inspiration, and choice.

What does render a home "gracious"?? Certainly the refined style of good taste, which is very subjective! But I would suggest that graciousness shows not only politeness, but kindness and affability. Just as gracious people "give" to others, a gracious home "gives", not only to those who live there, but to those who come to visit and spend time. A gracious home "serves" - just like gracious people - because the room, or the home in its entirety, is a result of the fusion of form (beauty) and function.

So, all this is very inspirational. But, I'm practical (mostly); how do we achieve this graciousness? Here lies my purpose - to share humble ideas and suggestions from experiences, current projects, and future discoveries. A gracious person isn't just "born", they are usually "refined" by successes, mistakes, and life itself. A gracious home doesn't just appear - it is a result of the same, refined by the lives who live in it, and always reflecting those who love it.